Bike Ride
Berkeley Marina to Treasure Island


The itinerary is not set in stone! It's just a rough idea of the timeframe involved. We can always change things on the fly if we're tired or want to play more :)

Time Description
10:15am Meet at Berkeley Marina Parking Lot
10:30am Start biking
11:30am Arrive at Vista Point, Yerba Buena Island
11:30-1:00pm Eat lunch and hang out
1:00-3:00pm Hang out at Vista Point or explore the area
3:00pm Start biking back
4:00pm Arrive at Berkeley Marina

Meeting Location

We will meet at Berkeley Marina, in the parking lot off of Seawall Drive. Park close to the trail.

Use the following coordinates and link to navigate via Google Maps:

37°51'40.3"N 122°18'57.7"W
Berkeley Marina Parking Lot Meeting Location

Biking Route

This biking route is very flat, and most of it is on a dedicated trail. There's a small section on the street going from Berkeley Marina to the Bay Bridge. The Bay Bridge has a Zuckermann Path for pedestrians and cyclists to travel, and then there's a short climb once you get to Yerba Buena Island.

Getting from Yerba Buena Island to Treasure Island requires biking on some hilly streets. We didn't really find Treasure Island that appealing, though.

MapMyFitness: Bike Route from Berkeley Marina to Treasure Island

Lunch Options

Vista Point at Yerba Buena Island

The YBI Vista Point is at the end of the Zuckermann Path after crossing the Bay Bridge.There are restrooms, benches, a hydration station, and bike racks. From this Vista Point, you can see beautiful views of the Bay Bridge, San Francisco Bay, and Oakland. There is no food available here, though, so you will need to bring a picnic lunch.

SF.GOV: Bicycle and pedestrian access to Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island

Vista Point at Treasure Island

There is a Vista Point rest area with restrooms, benches, and bike racks, with a nearby Island Market & Deli.

83 Treasure Island Rd, San Francisco, CA 94130