Bike Ride
Monterey 17-Mile Drive


The itinerary is not set in stone! It's just a rough idea of the timeframe involved, especially since we haven't done this itinerary/route before, and we most likely will stop at various points of interest along the route. We will be assessing and changing things on the fly as needed :)

Given that this is a holiday Labor Day weekend, and there's a heat wave of 100+ degrees weather in San Jose, we anticipate that Monterey will be very crowded, hence why we'd like to arrive at 9:30am at the latest. It's over an hour drive, so plan accordingly!

Time Description
9:30am Meet at San Carlos Beach picnic tables area
(park nearby, unload bikes, pack up stuff, go to the restrooms, etc.)
9:45am Latest time to start biking
(stop at various points of interest along the route as desired)
11:30am ish Arrive at Pebble Beach Market / Pebble Beach Visitor Center area
11:30am - 1:00pm ish Lunch and restroom break at Pebble Beach Visitor Center picnic tables area
1:00pm Bike to whichever beach we'd like to hang out at.
Tentatively thinking to hang out at Fanshell Beach if that looks nice. Kids play sand, we relax. Do whatever else you guys want to do (bring entertainment, etc)
4:30pm Latest time to start biking back to car

Meeting Location

We will be meeting at the picnic tables area near San Carlos Beach. Looks like there is a (free?) Public Parking lot at Breakwater Cove Marina. If that lot is full, across the way there is a paid City of Monterey parking lot. If that lot is full, just find street parking nearby and bike to the meeting place at the picnic tables.

Use the following addresses and links to navigate via Google Maps:

Picture showing parking lots and where to meet:

San Carlos Beach Nearby Parking Lots & Meeting Location

Biking Route

The biking route is 25.4 miles round trip, with relatively low total elevation gain of 450 ft. We start out near San Carlos Beach, bike on Monterey Bay Coastal Trail for a bit, then bike onto Ocean View Blvd which runs right along the coast. After that we turn onto 17-Mile Drive and continue following the coastline. Some sections of the roads have bike lanes, some do not. It's a beautiful scenic route with many points of interest along the way to check out.

Note that if you or your kids are inexperienced or less-experienced riders, you will need to know the following:

Links to biking route on Google Maps:

Lunch in Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach area has some fancy dining restaurant options as well as a Pebble Beach Market with deli and snacks:

We plan to either bring our own food or buy sandwiches, snacks, and drinks from the Pebble Beach Market. There are picnic tables near the Pebble Beach Market and the neighboring Pebble Beach Visitor Center. If the picnic tables are full, we can either lay out mats on the lawn, or if early enough we can perhaps take our food to a nearby beach to eat.

Use the following address and link to navigate via Google Maps:

1700 17 Mile Dr, Pebble Beach, CA 93953

Pebble Beach Dining Options

Hang Out on the Beach

There are multiple beaches along 17-Mile Drive, however, many of them require going down a set of narrow stairs to access the beach area, which we'd like to avoid with bikes and trailers.

Inside Pebble Beach: The Beautiful Beaches of Pebble Beach

Fanshell Beach

It looks like Fanshell Beach does not require stairs to access the beach, and it also has picnic tables and seemingly nice sand. We'll check out the beaches on the way to lunch and make the final determination on which beach is good!

Use the following link to navigate via Google Maps:

Fanshell Beach, 3141 17 Mile Dr, Pebble Beach, CA 93953