Biking Checklist for Each Ride

Here's a checklist of things to prepare or check the day before going on a ride.

Checklist of Recommended To-Do's and Items

Load Bike Route onto Smartphone


If the bike route is in MapMyFitness, send the bike route to the MapMyFitness app on your smartphone:

  1. Click the desired MapMyFitness bike route link using browser on desktop/laptop (or request Full Desktop site if on a mobile device)
  2. Click "Send to Phone" button to send the route to the MapMyFitness app on your smartphone via an email
  3. In the email, click the MapMyFitness link which will open it in the phone's MapMyFitness app
  4. In the MapMyFitness app, bookmark the route (or click the star in the app) so you can easily find the route again

Google Maps

If the bike route is in Google Maps, open the route in Google Maps and use turn-by-turn navigation.

Test New Gear

Test and install any new equipment or gear ahead of time.

This really sounds like a no-brainer, right? But kids and work and chores eat up all our time, and this gets shoved to the bottom of the list. However, there's nothing more frustrating than going on a ride, realizing you don't know how to use your new gear, that you left the manual/instructions at home, and spending half an hour or more trying to figure it out on the trail. Ya, can you tell that's happened to us before? ;)

Check Tires

Check your tires ahead of time!

Check Brakes

Check your brakes ahead of time!

Pack Helmet

Gotta protect that brain!

Pack Bike Lock & Key

Pack or install your bike lock. Be sure to bring the key as well ;)

Ya, we forgot the key once. Well, more like we thought we had it, haha.

Refer to Buying a Bike for tips on purchasing a bike lock.

Pack Spare Tube

Even with tire liners, you might still get flats. Bring a spare tube just in case.

Pack Water

Prepare water, either in water bottle to put in bike cage or in hydration pack.

We normally stop at a restaurant or park where we can refill water bottles, in which case you can pack less water.

Charge Cell Phone

Charge your cell phone. If you have an external battery, charge and bring it.

Checklist of Optional Items


Wear comfortable / layered clothing and closed toe shoes appropriate for biking and exercising.

We like stretchy, moisture-wicking stuff :)


Self-explanatory :)


Self-explanatory :)


Bring a hat/cap unless you want to wear your helmet or don't need a hat.


Bring whatever you'd like to play with, depending on the destination:


Fruits and snacks for munching wherever we're hanging out.


For lounging on the ground or beach.


For shade at the beach or in general.

Portable Table

For food or games where there's no table. Useful for keeping sand off the food at the beach.