Eating Fun
Bò Nướng Vĩ

Our family very much enjoys this variation of the Vietnamese dish.  The style is similar to hot pot or Korean grill.  We prepare a variety of raw veggies and meats. People sit at the table and cook the food and eat it with sauce. Unlike hot pot where the food is cooked in a big pot of broth, we cook the food at the table via an electric griddle. We then use a spring roll wrapper to wrap the food with raw veggies into a roll, which we dip into a sauce to eat.  Over the years, we've expanded from the traditional thinly sliced beef to add cuttle fish, shrimp, and fish as well.


Following is what we'll provide.  If you prefer different meats, veggies, sauces, or other food, you are welcome to bring what you prefer!

 # People
per Qty
 Meat Prime rib roast (paper-thin, falling-apart slices) 0.5 lb 1
 Meat Raw de-veined de-shelled large/jumbo shrimp 0.125 lb 1
 Meat  Swai fish fillets (skinless, boneless) 0.25 lb 1
  Meat Cuttle fish 0.125 lb 1
 Vegetable Red leaf lettuce (leave the leaves whole) 1 head 5
 Vegetable Mustard greens 1 bunch 1
 Vegetable Bean sprouts 1 bag 5
 Vegetable Cilantro 1 bunch 3
 Vegetable Cucumbers (small rectangular slices) 1 big one 5
 Vegetable Fresh shitake mushrooms (sliced) 1 lb 5
 Vegetable Sweet yellow onions (sliced) 1 big one 5
 Vegetable Tía tô (shiso) 1 bunch 5
 Vegetable Giấp cá (fish mint) 1 bunch 5
 Vegetable Spearmint 1 bunch 5
 Carb Rice paper wrapper (22cm size, Three Ladies brand) 1 pack (12 oz) 5
 Sauce Ingredient Sa Cha sauce  
 Sauce Ingredient Soy sauce  
 Sauce Ingredient Lemon or lime juice  
 Sauce Ingredient Water  
 Carb Bún (rice noodles, small diameter) 1 pack 5
 Oil Avocado oil  
 Oil Butter (Kerrygold brand)  
 Fruit Persimmons