Skiing at Diamond Peak Resort

Diamond Peak Resort is a family-friendly ski resort in Northeast Tahoe that's easy on the wallet.  
Incline Village has relatively inexpensive lodging (condo rentals) located just minutes away from the resort.

Tips for Skiing Diamond Peak

If registering for lessons, arrive early to have your pick of time slots.  Many folks arrive at 8:00am to register.  We arrived after 9:30am and all group lessons were sold out.

Plan to arrive by 8:30am, no later than 9:00am to be able to park at the resort.  They have a tram to shuttle people from the farther parking spaces to the resort.  If you arrive later, you'll be stuck in a long line of cars on the road just to get to the resort, and run the risk of the parking lots being full, in which case you'll have to turn around and drive to additional parking lots near Hyatt to park.  From there, you'll have to board a Diamond Peak shuttle bus to get to the resort, and if there's a long line might have to wait for more than one bus.  That's at least a 45-minute delay.

The Main Lodge gets very crowded for lunch.  By around 11:30am, all the tables are pretty much taken, so get there earlier to grab a table.

Leave by 3:30pm to avoid the rush of traffic getting out of the ski resort.