Bike Ride
Foster City Bay Trail


 Time  Description 
10:00amMeet at Seal Point Dog Park parking lot
10:15 - 10:30amStart biking on Bay Trail
11:30 - 12:00pmArrive at Edgewater Place Center (along the water)
12:15PmEat lunch in Edgewater Place Shopping Center
1:30pmBike to Foster City Lagoon nearby
1:30pm - ?Play, hang out at lagoon area (boating, kayaking, playing RCs, etc)
AfternoonBike back

Prep Ahead

If you are joining our biking group for the first time, please check out some things you might want to set up:

Following is a checklist of things you might want to prepare prior to the ride:

Meeting Location

We will meet inside Seal Point Dog Park, in the first parking lot when turning into the park. 

Use the following address and link to navigate via Google Maps:

Image of Meeting Location Seal Point Dog Park

Biking Route

This biking route is very flat, and most of it is on a dedicated trail.  From Seal Point Dog Park to Foster City Lagoon is usually a very nice smooth ride.  Going back in the afternoon, however, it's always been very very windy (@ 13mph wind).  It's headwind, so it's a bit tough and slow going back for the kids.

Biking from Seal Point Dog Park to Foster City Lagoon area:

Biking from Foster City Lagoon area back to Seal Point Dog Park:

Lunch at Edgewater Place Shopping Center

Edgewater Place Shopping Center is situated on the waterfront next to the canal.  There are several restaurants there, but we've only tried out one thus far. 

Fashion Wok Restaurant

They have outdoor seating, so it's very easy to just park the bikes nearby to keep an eye on them.  Alternatively, they also have indoor tables near windows facing the waterfront and walkway where the bikes can be parked, so it's possible to request one of these tables to keep an eye on the bikes as well.

929A Edgewater Blvd. Foster City, CA

Google Maps link:

Image of Fashion Wok Restaurant

Hang Out at Foster City Lagoon

There is a nice lagoon a short ride from Edgewater Place Shopping Center.  

We can hang out there for the afternoon.  They have boat/kayak rentals, etc. at California Windsurfing. Feel free to bring kites, games, frisbees, RCs, etc.  Or, if just wanting to relax, they have a large pagoda right on the edge of the water with a roof for shade and benches for lounging.  Across the street is a plaza with Safeway and other stores if wanting to grab snacks, fruits, ice cream, etc.

Image of Foster City Lagoon