Bike Ride
Santa Cruz Natural Bridges to Capitola Beach


 Time  Description 
10:00amMeet in Santa Cruz, Swanton Blvd & West Cliff Dr (start of trail)
Unload bikes, etc.
10:15amLatest time to start biking, hopefully earlier
11:30-12:00pmArrive in Capitola
12:15 - 1:45pmEat lunch (see below for restaurant info) 
1:45pmHang out at the beach.
Play sand, relax
Whatever else you guys want to do (bring entertainment, etc)
4:00pmLatest time to start biking back to car

Prep Ahead

If you are joining our biking group for the first time, please check out some things you might want to set up:

Following is a checklist of things you might want to prepare prior to the ride:

Meeting Location

We will park on Swanton Blvd near Santa Cruz Natural Bridges State Beach.

Use the following address and link to navigate via Google Maps:

Picture showing the meeting place:

Santa Cruz Natural Bridges Meeting Location

Biking Route

The bike route is 20.5 miles, partially on dedicated trails, but a good portion is on the streets. This route is not flat, with quite a bit of ups and downs.

The portion from Swanton Blvd & West Cliff Drive is all on a dedicated trail up until close to Santa Cruz Boardwalk, where there's a short section through the streets in a bike lane. After the Boardwalk, we go onto Santa Cruz Riverwalk Trail for a bit, and then a good portion after that is on the streets.  The major streets like Broadway have bike lanes. After Broadway we connect to Arana Gulch Trail then to 7th Ave which has a bike lane and sidewalks. From that point on it's mostly residential streets  which don't have bike lanes, but there aren't many cars.  From E Cliff to Opal Cliff are residential streets, and then a short section to get to Capitola Beach.

Link to biking route from Santa Cruz to Capitola on MapMyFitness:

Note: Both Santa Cruz & Capitola disallow riding bicycles on sidewalks.

Lunch in Capitola

There are several restaurants off Esplanade street next to Capitola Beach. Bike all the way down Esplanade, and at the end there's a triangle section with bike racks around a palm tree. We'll lock our bikes there and then eat at one of the restaurants.

Use the following address and link to navigate via Google Maps:

Capitola Esplanade Bike Racks Location

Hang Out at Capitola Beach

After lunch we'll hang out at Capitola Beach.  There aren't any shade structures or umbrellas, unless you count hiding out under the lifeguard tower. Might want to bring your own beach tent or shade alternative.

Capitola Beach