Camping at Lassen Volcanic National Park


Following is just a possible itinerary, subject to change depending on the rest of the group's preferences and input :)

Mon Time  Description 
1:00pm Campsite check-in time
8:00amHenry & Regina plan to leave their house (we plan to get any ice beforehand)

Bring lunch to eat on the way up?  Not sure how traffic will be, and close to lunch time on the route there are mostly small towns off I-5. Probably will be easier to bring our own lunch than driving around looking for a restaurant to get food from, and the restaurants up north are all closed so then we'd have to drive around looking for a restroom.  If we bring our own food, then we have flexibility to either eat in the car while driving, or only drive around looking for restroom and take a break wherever we are to eat :D
12:30-1:30pm    Arrive at Manzanita Campground.  
AfternoonSet up campsite.
Hike Manzanita Lake Trail ?

Tue Time Description
8:45amLeave Manzanita campground by car
9:30amArrive at Bumpass Hell Trailhead Parking Lot (parking lot supposedly fills up by 10am)
9:30-11:00amHike Bumpass Hell Trail
AfternoonRent canoe or kayak on Manzanita Lake? 

Wed Time Description
TBDDrive around, check out Lake Helen, or other lakes?
Do more hiking?
Check out museum/visitor center?
Swimming at other lakes in the park?

Thu Time Description
12:00pmCampsite check-out time

Prep Ahead

If you have never gone camping before, might want to go over a basic camping checklist. Since this is car camping, there's not as much concern about the amount and weight of stuff as for backpacking. Feel free to pack whatever you can fit in your car :D   

Bring swimwear as we plan to rent a canoe or kayak for boating, and we might possibly go swim (not at Manzanita Lake where swimming is currently prohibited, but possibly at other lakes in the park).

Camping Checklist

Check the weather forecast and air quality (air quality looks OK right now):

Check and download driving directions and maps:

Download offline maps for the driving route and Lassen area onto your phone ahead of time just in case there's no or spotty signal.

Prepare walkie-talkies:

Wi-Fi is only at the visitor center.  Cellular reception is spotty or nonexistent, so we plan to bring our walkie talkies just in case. 

Charge up your walkie talkies and set to Channel 9 Subcode 5.

Pack the following:

Quarters if you want to take hot showers or do laundry.

Getting to Lassen Volcanic National Park

We should be going against traffic driving to Lassen on Monday.

Click on the following link to navigate via Google Maps:

About Lassen Volcanic National Park

We'll be camping at Lassen Volcanic National Park.  

  • There is a $30 vehicle entrance fee. If you have a 4th grader, you can obtain a free national park pass for free entrance to national parks. See Lassen Volcanic National Park Fees for more information.
  • There is a Manzanita Camper Store with groceries, beverages, sundries, ice, firewood, fishing tackle, camping equipment, and basic automotive supplies. Gasoline, pay phone, and ATM also available.

Activities of Interest:

Campsite Info

  • Fire restriction in place due to severe wildfire danger: No campfires, not even charcoal :( Only gas stoves
  • This is bear country. Store food, deodorant, toothpaste, lotions, in bear lockers.
  • Showers available with quarters
  • Laundry machines available with quarters

  • Campsite A07: Huamin, Ying, Lucas, Oscar, Tammie, Abby
  • Campsite A09: Regina, Henry, Jaden, Justin, Jaspen

Campsite cost for 3 nights = $78.

Each campsite allows 6 people max, 2 vehicles max, 3 tents max.

Camping Food

We'll see if we can make it easier this time for food prep and to reduce food envy :D  

We're staying 3 nights, and we have 3 parties. Each party will be responsible for 1 dinner for all parties.  Just keep in mind Regina and kids can't eat spicy food :)
  • Huamin & Ying: Hot pot
  • Regina & Henry: Korean BBQ Ribs, Glass noodles with veggies
  • Tammie & Abby: TBD
For lunch, each party is responsible for their own food.  Bring something that can be stuffed into backpacks and eaten on the trail in case we're out hiking during lunch time.

For breakfast, each party is responsible for their own food, and we'll be eating at the campsite.