Camping Journal & Gallery

We've had lots of fun camping with our kids, with family, with friends, and with colleagues.  Following are experiences and pictures / videos of some of our past camping trips.

DateCamp LocationJournal & Gallery
2018-07-21Stanislaus National Forest Utica Reservoir
(Arnold, CA)
 2018-06-22Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park
(Gilroy, CA)
Camping 2018-06-22 Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park Picture Album
 2017-05-26Mt. Madonna County Park
(Watsonville, CA)
Camping 2017-05-26 Mt. Madonna County Park Picture Album
2013-08-17IBM Almaden Research Center
(San Jose, CA)
We took 5 yo Oldest J and 3 yo Middle J to my company's overnight camping event. IBM provided grills for barbecuing, a campfire event with smores, a nighttime movie, and morning donuts. The E's only joined us during the day and evening and then went home. The J's had fun, but they woke up several times during the night having to go to the restroom or from nightmares. 

Camping 2013-08-17 IBM Almaden Research Center Picture Album

2009-07-25Veteran's Memorial Park
(Monterey, CA)
Camping 2009-07-25 Veteran's Memorial Park Journal & Gallery